Sykell's contribution to reducing marine litter

By 2050, the weight of plastic in the oceans

could exceed that of fish if we don't take urgent action now. Our waters are already flooded with rubbish, causing a global crisis that threatens aquatic life and nature [1].

Most of the plastic in the oceans is not even visible to us, as it is underwater and on the seabed. In addition, plastic decomposes in the sea, creating microplastic particles that end up in marine life and ultimately in us humans through consumption.2 To narrow down the problem, we looked at the waste in the EU's oceans and found that half of it consists of packaging waste.[3] Every single person in the EU generates 188.7 kg of packaging waste[4] and in 2021, 84 million tonnes of packaging waste was generated in the EU, an increase of 24% compared to 2010. Only 64% of this is recycled. The rest is incinerated, exported or ends up in nature. Germany is at the forefront of this trend and ranks second in the EU in terms of packaging waste generated.

The out-of-home consumption sector generates high volumes of single-use packaging waste, which only has a very short lifespan before it is consumed. The use of single-use packaging in this consumer sector is increasing every year. Of the 13.7 billion takeaway packages used for out-of-home consumption in Germany in 2022, only 0.74% were reusable packaging. In 2023, 1.042 million more single-use packaging was consumed than in the previous year.[4]

We still have time to act and can use the opportunity to steer the course in a better direction and stop this threatening development.

Sykell has developed a reusable solution with EINFACH MEHRWEG, a reusable packaging system for takeaway food and drinks with a focus on the retail sector. The system replaces disposable packaging and reduces waste in the take-away sector.

In doing so, we are taking the necessary steps towards a more sustainable future and we want to create a circular economy together with you and motivate everyone to become part of our mission. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a far-reaching circular economy, minimise waste and preserve nature.‍


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EINFACH MEHRWEG products: Antonios Mitsopoulos