Do I need to use an app?

No, you don't need to install any app or create an account. EINFACH MEHRWEG works like the existing deposit system for bottles.

Where can I return the Einfach Mehrweg containers?

You can return your used container at any partner location, including thousands of deposit machines. Check the map to find the closest location.

Is additional investment necessary for deposit machines?

No, the reusable system works with conventional deposit machines. If you decide to become a system partner, already installed deposit machines simply have to be activated to accept the new containers.

Do I have to clean the reusable containers myself?

You need to empty the containers before returning them. We also recommend to rins it if you don't plan to return it immediately after use.

How does the deposit amount work?

The deposit amount is paid at the time of purchase and refunded as soon as the reusable container is returned at a deposit machine or manually at a system partner. There are no additional (or late) fees for the return.

What is the cost of using and participating in the pool system?

The core model is based on pay-per-use, i.e. system partners only pay for reusable containers actually used and put into circulation. Washing and logistics are already included, simple and transparent. Feel free to contact us at any time for more information and a quote for your specific needs and requirements.