is flooding our oceans and jeopardising our ecosystems and the life within them. By 2050, the weight of plastic in the oceans will exceed that of fish if we don't take urgent action now. But it's not too late to change course.[1]

With EINFACH MEHRWEG, sykell has specialised in the production of reusable containers for food retailers. After the return via the reverse vending machines of our participating partners, we coordinate the transport, washing and processing of the deposit amounts. Our unique selling point is the return via the existing reverse vending machines - as simple as deposit bottles. Our partners currently include more than 3,700 REWE stores, 100 HIT stores and around 2,000 other café, restaurant and petrol station locations.

The bestseller in our product portfolio is the rectangular tall container, which holds 1,200 ml - with a deposit of 2.50 euros. It is used at the salad bars of our participating partners and can often be found in the "Deli am Markt". There you will find a daily fresh selection of breakfast, lunch dishes and sweets.

In second place is our round and transparent container with a capacity of 500 ml and a deposit of 1.50 euros. It can also be found at the salad bar and at the fresh food counter. We think it has the most potential to become your new favourite in the pre-packed area too.

We also have a split container. It also costs a 2.50 euro deposit. It separates liquid and dry foods from each other, which should only be combined before consumption.

We also have three sizes of drinks cups with matching lids. Your deposit is 1 euro.

Good to know: EINFACH MEHRWEG containers are made in Germany from 100% recyclable mono-material polypropylene (PP). At the end of their life cycle, they are recycled into PP granulate and thus returned to the cycle. Each container can go through over 500 wash cycles and reuses, a performance certified by the Blue Angel eco-label[2].

Another major advantage of our reusable containers and cups is the significant reduction in waste. Over a lifetime of 50 uses, one EINFACH MEHRWEG container produces 91% less waste than fifty disposable containers.


[1] The New Plastics Economy (Ellen MacArthur Foundation)

[2] Ressourcenschonende Mehrwegsysteme to-go für Lebensmittel und Getränke (Blauer Engel)

Preview and header image: Helene Stache

EINFACH MEHRWEG with food: Antonios Mitsopoulos

EINFACH MEHRWEG with food: Antonios Mitsopoulos

EINFACH MEHRWEG coffee cup: Antonios Mitsopoulos